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(From Bill Parravano in Louisville KY)

Hey Sarasota,

Training up in Canada at the Systema Summer Immersion Camp with Vlad the other week was amazing!

It is difficult to put into words the kind of personal growth that takes place as a result of training in Systema.
At first I got into Systema 8 years ago because I thought it was a cool martial art.  You know Spetsnaz/Russian Special Forces just in general thinking that I would learn to be tough by training with the "elite."
However, one thing I realized was how weak my body is.  If you don’t think so, try doing one of Vlad’s 40 count down and 40 count up – pushups.
I realized how much I don’t breathe and how much my mind would tell me what I could or what I couldn’t do.  It is quite a humbling experience!
No matter what, I always came out the other side of the experience feeling better, more relaxed and felt like I knew more about myself.
Something that I never really found in other martial arts. Not to mention the feeling of brotherhood that I felt towards those others that showed up to practice and trained hard with me in this type of environment.

Coming up are two trainings (one in Sept and one in October) that would be of similar experiences.

I know you have lots of obligations with work and personal life. However, One thing I discovered the more effort I put into Sytema the more rewarding and enriching my life became on many levels…

A Systema seminar coming up in Lexington, Kentucky on Saturday September, 13th.  Check out the following link for more information:

… and a Systema Seminar in Delaware coming up October 4th.  See for more information.

Kevin Secours is a great instructor as well as a great person and definitely someone you would want to train with at some point in time.

I hope to you can make it to practice or a seminar soon!

Best regards,

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