Saturday Sept 13 – Handgun Mini-seminar in Sarasota

On Saturday September 13 there will be a training session focused on handgun use with Systema principles.

This is not going to be a particularly difficult day in terms of the level of fitness needed. But you will be mentally and emotionally challenged and rewarded with some specific and extremely useful concepts that will greatly increase your chance of survival in a situation involving a gun.

This training comes from generations of Systema experience in the field, and is state of the art training …a snapshot of some of the material used at highest levels of elite training. This may provide the single biggest leap in your ability to use a handgun under stress.

Schedule is subject to change but an approximate schedule is:

12:00-1:30 orientation session at the Training Center (shade) covering:
safety and training rules and procedures
paintball gun operation (to allow expedited training later)
drawing and firing from concealed carry
form and movement for efficiency, accuracy and relaxation
strategic use of cover for concealment and protection
use of breath to control fear and activate movement

1:45-3:00 Dryrun use of barricade field (offsite) to train smooth movement thru obstacles
become familiar with proper distance to protective barriers and cover
continue studying use breath to aleviate stress symptoms

3:00-4:00 Session with 1-1 force on force drills
using previously trained concepts under greater stress (shooting opponent)


4:30-6:30 session practicing senario drills and room clearing
work with target identification and use of speech under stress

Food and drink

8:30-10:00 Presentation of work with a flashlight
voluntary force on force training in the dark.

after 10:00 optional use of dark course for participants 🙂
We will meet at the training center at 1795 Desoto Rd at 12:00. I will
be there after 11:30. Please come a bit early. Eat an early lunch. Drink plenty of water. Wear comfortable clothes (with long pants).

Fee: $80 includes training, beverages, dinner, materials (gun and mask
use, paintballs, gas) This seminar will not be held with less than 6 participants and attendance will be limited to approximately 12.  Please let me know on or before Sept 6 if you will be able to attend.

You can call me with any questions 941-355-2591

Best wishes, Marc Bresee

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