Systema Instructor Produces New Book on Knee Pain

Systema Instructor, Bill Parravano, has just released his new book on the topic of knee pain. This information is not from Systema itself, and although I have not read the book, I can recommend it without hesitation as I have had Bill work on me with amazing results, and have seen him work on many others, including Mikhail Ryabko …and heard nothing but praises.

Bill has an unconventional approach. I have a messed up hip that I believe originated from an injury of the knee on that side. When I train allot, like at camp, the falls on that one side add up and make it more painful. This year, after about three days at camp I was limping around and asked Bill his advise, hoping he would work on me a bit. Since Bill is such a good-natured guy who truly loves his craft, he had me lie down and he worked on immediately. It is a bit hard to describe what was done. It seemed like Bill pressed the leg towards the socket and rotated a bit both directions. It was very gentle and painless, lasting no more than about five minutes. To paraphrase his explanation, he put the joint in a position where it could release the tension that the body was putting there to protect it. Something did indeed seem to release, but gently, not like cracking chiropractics. After this short session it immediately felt better, and the following morning when I woke up it felt substantially better. Although it was not the end to the situation, I knew he was on to something with his technique.

For those of you who are interested you can find the e-book online
You can also visit the website at

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