Surviving the Urban Jungle Part II

From our friend Lloyd Robrecht:

Hello friends,
Just wanted to let you all know that Kwan Lee’s seminar (Surviving the Urban Jungle part1) in West Point, VA was just amazing! We covered dynamic joint breaks, stick work, confined spaces work, gun disarms, and more. It really kicked things up to the next level! I hope all of you will be able to join us for Part 2 held in Roanoke, VA March 28th and 29th some of the topics to be covered include fighting from the ground against weapons and 2 attackers, improvised weapons (we will look at use of chairs, credit cards, clothes, pens etc. ) dynamic joint breaks using the legs, kicks, and escapes from hold, chokes and locks. This series of seminars will without a doubt expose you to a deeper level of work that many have yet to experience. 
 Please see the attached flyer and call me for hotel information
 Best regards, 

Lloyd Robrecht
Roanoke Systema Group

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