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Surviving the Urban Jungle Part II

From our friend Lloyd Robrecht:

Hello friends,
Just wanted to let you all know that Kwan Lee’s seminar (Surviving the Urban Jungle part1) in West Point, VA was just amazing! We covered dynamic joint breaks, stick work, confined spaces work, gun disarms, and more. It really kicked things up to the next level! I hope all of you will be able to join us for Part 2 held in Roanoke, VA March 28th and 29th some of the topics to be covered include fighting from the ground against weapons and 2 attackers, improvised weapons (we will look at use of chairs, credit cards, clothes, pens etc. ) dynamic joint breaks using the legs, kicks, and escapes from hold, chokes and locks. This series of seminars will without a doubt expose you to a deeper level of work that many have yet to experience. 
 Please see the attached flyer and call me for hotel information
 Best regards, 

Lloyd Robrecht
Roanoke Systema Group
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Systema Instructor Produces New Book on Knee Pain

Systema Instructor, Bill Parravano, has just released his new book on the topic of knee pain. This information is not from Systema itself, and although I have not read the book, I can recommend it without hesitation as I have had Bill work on me with amazing results, and have seen him work on many others, including Mikhail Ryabko …and heard nothing but praises.

Bill has an unconventional approach. I have a messed up hip that I believe originated from an injury of the knee on that side. When I train allot, like at camp, the falls on that one side add up and make it more painful. This year, after about three days at camp I was limping around and asked Bill his advise, hoping he would work on me a bit. Since Bill is such a good-natured guy who truly loves his craft, he had me lie down and he worked on immediately. It is a bit hard to describe what was done. It seemed like Bill pressed the leg towards the socket and rotated a bit both directions. It was very gentle and painless, lasting no more than about five minutes. To paraphrase his explanation, he put the joint in a position where it could release the tension that the body was putting there to protect it. Something did indeed seem to release, but gently, not like cracking chiropractics. After this short session it immediately felt better, and the following morning when I woke up it felt substantially better. Although it was not the end to the situation, I knew he was on to something with his technique.

For those of you who are interested you can find the e-book online
You can also visit the website at
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Saturday Sept 13 – Handgun Mini-seminar in Sarasota

On Saturday September 13 there will be a training session focused on handgun use with Systema principles.

This is not going to be a particularly difficult day in terms of the level of fitness needed. But you will be mentally and emotionally challenged and rewarded with some specific and extremely useful concepts that will greatly increase your chance of survival in a situation involving a gun.

This training comes from generations of Systema experience in the field, and is state of the art training …a snapshot of some of the material used at highest levels of elite training. This may provide the single biggest leap in your ability to use a handgun under stress.

Schedule is subject to change but an approximate schedule is:

12:00-1:30 orientation session at the Training Center (shade) covering:
safety and training rules and procedures
paintball gun operation (to allow expedited training later)
drawing and firing from concealed carry
form and movement for efficiency, accuracy and relaxation
strategic use of cover for concealment and protection
use of breath to control fear and activate movement

1:45-3:00 Dryrun use of barricade field (offsite) to train smooth movement thru obstacles
become familiar with proper distance to protective barriers and cover
continue studying use breath to aleviate stress symptoms

3:00-4:00 Session with 1-1 force on force drills
using previously trained concepts under greater stress (shooting opponent)


4:30-6:30 session practicing senario drills and room clearing
work with target identification and use of speech under stress

Food and drink

8:30-10:00 Presentation of work with a flashlight
voluntary force on force training in the dark.

after 10:00 optional use of dark course for participants 🙂
We will meet at the training center at 1795 Desoto Rd at 12:00. I will
be there after 11:30. Please come a bit early. Eat an early lunch. Drink plenty of water. Wear comfortable clothes (with long pants).

Fee: $80 includes training, beverages, dinner, materials (gun and mask
use, paintballs, gas) This seminar will not be held with less than 6 participants and attendance will be limited to approximately 12.  Please let me know on or before Sept 6 if you will be able to attend.

You can call me with any questions 941-355-2591

Best wishes, Marc Bresee

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Vlad Seminar in October in Manassus VA

For those of you in the Florida area this will propably be the closest Vlad will be this year. Take advantage of it if you are able. This flyer says it all.
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Announcements from Systema Lousiville

(From Bill Parravano in Louisville KY)

Hey Sarasota,

Training up in Canada at the Systema Summer Immersion Camp with Vlad the other week was amazing!

It is difficult to put into words the kind of personal growth that takes place as a result of training in Systema.
At first I got into Systema 8 years ago because I thought it was a cool martial art.  You know Spetsnaz/Russian Special Forces just in general thinking that I would learn to be tough by training with the "elite."
However, one thing I realized was how weak my body is.  If you don’t think so, try doing one of Vlad’s 40 count down and 40 count up – pushups.
I realized how much I don’t breathe and how much my mind would tell me what I could or what I couldn’t do.  It is quite a humbling experience!
No matter what, I always came out the other side of the experience feeling better, more relaxed and felt like I knew more about myself.
Something that I never really found in other martial arts. Not to mention the feeling of brotherhood that I felt towards those others that showed up to practice and trained hard with me in this type of environment.

Coming up are two trainings (one in Sept and one in October) that would be of similar experiences.

I know you have lots of obligations with work and personal life. However, One thing I discovered the more effort I put into Sytema the more rewarding and enriching my life became on many levels…

A Systema seminar coming up in Lexington, Kentucky on Saturday September, 13th.  Check out the following link for more information:

… and a Systema Seminar in Delaware coming up October 4th.  See for more information.

Kevin Secours is a great instructor as well as a great person and definitely someone you would want to train with at some point in time.

I hope to you can make it to practice or a seminar soon!

Best regards,

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