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Wheeler Systema

Martin Wheeler just released this new video montage that is sure to be a favorite. I could only post it under one topic and "movement" seemed to fit best as Martin’s movement is unique. Smoothness is a desired trait of Systema but few people move as smoothly as Martin. His movement is relaxed without being too relaxed …something he tried to instruct me about when I saw him last year. Now I see it better, and this video gives us all something to work towards.

Martin is the instructor at the Los Angeles School of Russian Martial Art in California. Continue reading

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Article on Slow Training Principles

This excerpt is from Spyridon Katsigiannis’ article posted on Systema UK website. Mr. Katsigiannis is in Goteborg, Sweden. 

In Soft Work what we do is simulate combat situations using slow time framing (low speed, that is) while trying to keep the energy of our attacks real. This training method of the RMA has been highly publicised, mainly through videos available all over the Internet and it is because of this training method that Systema has been accused by practitioners of other combat arts as "unrealistic", "flowery", "girly" and various other reeeally cool adjectives!
Before going deeper on the specific reasons of using Soft Work as part of our training, I would like to state something that for Systema practitioner is already well known: we do not ONLY train soft in Systema – on the contrary, we use both soft and hard methods and each of those plays its own distinct role in our fighting preparation.

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