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Fear is a Symptom of Our Ailing Soul

Vladimir Vasiliev wrote:

"Fear is a symptom of our ailing soul. It is easy to see how ill we are – as soon as someone praises us, we get proud; as soon as someone criticizes us, we get resentful.

"We should run away from praise, but we always want more. We should be thankful for criticism, for it teaches us humility, but we get angry or offended. Things are reversed in our world and that destroys our inner balance and the result is fear.

"In my opinion, the ultimate and only source of power is God. For this reason, there is no better tool for overcoming than prayer to God. Everything is right in the world of God and if we try to live in His world, there will be no fear. If for various reasons, you choose not to pray, then I can say that for me breathing/breath training is the next best thing." Continue reading

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