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Journey to Systema -or- "What is it about Systema that so inspires"

By Morten Danielson
My name is Morten Danielsen and I am a Systema Instructor under Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev. I am also the one presenting the training of Systema at our club in Esbjerg, Denmark. But this is not about me – this is about our Journey.


Our club was traditionally a karate club. Small compared to many – and after the journey together with Vladimir, Mikhail, Valentin, Konstantin, Sergei and others we have dedicated ourselves to Systema.


Systema Denmark started in Germany. Some of our club members went to a seminar in Münster with Mikhail and they got convinced that there was something they had to investigate further. So after purchasing many of the great DVDs (and my own personal favorite is Systema Hand to Hand, if you want to know) we started including some of the exercises in our karate training.


That was not enough for me. Being somewhat older and heavier than the most in our club, I sensed that Systema matched me in a way unprecedented to anything I have experienced in martial arts before. And after participating in another seminar in Münster, this time with Vladimir, and having the good fortune to spend some time talking about life and Systema, I got so inspired that I for one no longer train the traditional karate!


Members of our club also found the aspects and principles of Systema so interesting that they backed my participation at the Summit of Masters held in Toronto in 2006. The Summit of Masters was a great meeting of friends and a great display of Systema. We experienced many of the subjects covered in the DVDs first hand, and I must say that the combination of the DVDs with participating at live seminars works wonders!


I also took part in the Spring Training in Toronto and seminars in Serbia, Sweden all in all it is my impression of being totally inspired for training and life.


And we know how things happen, the inspiring message of Systema had spread to others in Denmark and we now have four groups doing regular training sessions, and the numbers keep growing.


A very interesting question is··· What is it about Systema that so inspires?

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